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MLK Jr. Quote

MLK Jr. Quote

“You wanna be ok with it…., but your heart, u really ain’t feeling it”. So sure many of us feel that way. Those feelings happen or may manifest often or very seldom, but we all know, or have experienced feelings such as those…. Now let me give you some examples of exactly what’s it means when u are not feeling it. (liking it)

1. When it’s time, we vote for a new president. OK now, we see the list of possible candidates, and you say to yourself, I know there should be someone better. (we ain’t feeling it)

2.  You watch the news everyday, you wanna watch it to keep up with the latest happenings, but after you saw it, you say to yourself, I would have felt better, if I had not watched it. (we ain’t feeling it)

3. The Supreme court finalizes laws of the land, but a lot of the laws they confirm, do not sit well with a lot of people. (so one again we really ain’t feeling it)

4. Politicians criticize each other, we have to see, hear, and be subjected to all this. (we ain’t feeling it)

5. People or groups want to subject their ideas, lifestyles or force their ideologies upon us. (we ain’t feeling it)

6. We live a long time and you see changes happening in the world today, that you never would have imagined. (we ain’t feeling it)

7.  When you know you are right about something, but the world society is telling you, u are wrong. (u ain’t feeling it)

8. You just got a pay check on your job, but the pay’s not matching your labor. (u ain’t feeling it)

9. When you’re going through something, and you heart is breaking, and the people around u are telling u, you’ll be ok. (u ain’t feeling it)

10.  You’re paying twice for a house that should have been paid off 30 years ago. (u ain’t feeling it)

11.  Police brutality when u know it does not have to be. (we ain’t feeling it)

12. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer(we ain’t feeling it)

13. Being lied to when u know it ain’t true. (we ain’t feeling it)

Well that was just to give you an idea of what I am talking about…..

So now, when people are not really, in agreement with something, but just go along with it all because they feel that is the normal thing to then; then that would be called, “going along to get along.”  Yes, sometimes we’ll just agree with a situation as not to cause a distraction, be offensive or better yet, not to be called the distraction. Because no one wants to be the odd ball, or the subject of confusion, or the sore thumb, or the troublemaker, of the problem, or the nutty one, or the troublemaker or u’re angry; so we go along to get along.

Another example: “Say for instance a group of policemen, driving along mining their own business see a man running down the road. Now the cops just had a big lunch, a few laughs and are really feeling good. As they drive along,  two of the cops in the car said” I wonder why he’s running, then another said, oh, it’s probably nothing.  Then the third cops says let’s check it out. So they stop, and ask the man to stop running, he did. One cop says where u going in such a hurry? The man says home. The next cop says why in such a hurry? He says my sister called and said, my mom is sick. So I’m running  to hurry home. Ok the other cops say, can’t u tell he lying, look at the sweat on his face. Then another cop say yeah. Then the second cop says let’s search him, they do and find anything.  Ok you’re good u can go. Then one cops says let’s go. But then the third cops says, not before I give him a reminder, and the fourth cop says a reminder, of what?  So that cop hits the man with his stick, twice. Then they laugh, but the first cop , says man you should not have hit him like that. The other cops say why? He said because the man did nothing, he was just trying to get home to his sick mom. But he did not report it? Why? Going along with the wrong to get along with his fellow cops. A few days later, the good cop saw the man that was running down the road. He stopped and the man said, my mom made it to the hospital just in time, but when I got home I passed out, and had to be rushed to the doctor, they said I had a small concussion and this bruise will take months to heal.” All that for what? Why no one stood up, well it’s called going along to get along or is it called fear?

So we often go along with situations to be able to fit in, or liked by others. But in our hearts, we know we ain’t feeling it.

So is that right? Is it wholesome? Is it good? Is it Honest? Is it appropriate? Is it merited? Is it moral? Is it conscientious?  Well I guess if u are the kind of person that is passive and wants to get along with everybody, its ok. But if u have a problem with going along to get along, then u get restless in your seat. U get a sense of  “o man,” how can people be so complacent? So un concerned or un motivated to do something. But in all reality say something. Write a blog, post to Facebook,  or some of the others, things people do, and u don’t have to be violent about it either. But don’t do nothing.

Ok, example: If Martin Luther King Jr. had of just watched events unfold on TV or radio, and did nothing we would probably still be riding on the back of the bus, or not being able to eat in certain places. Not be able to attend the schools we would like. Buy homes in neighborhoods u like. You get the point.

Now to be more realistic, just say for instance: Main Point  Jesus decided to not go to the Cross! Let’s just say he said, I’m not gonna heal the sick, raise the dead, give sight to the blind, feed the hungry, you get the idea. What a mess we would be in. If Jesus had of just said to His disciples, lets just sit back and watch how thing unfold. Lets just see how they all will turn on each other, and do horrible things to each other. What if Jesus said, they are getting just what they deserve. What if Jesus just went along with the crowd to get along with everybody? What if He decided not to come to earth in the first place? Well  he never would have been crucified. So I said that to say this: When u stand up for something and it’s not popular with your group, then u need to get another group. Why go along with something when u ain’t feeling it! There are always choices to be made: SO MAKE THEM! Lose a few friends…. Lose a few buddies… Lose, lose, lose but in the end u really GAIN!


Just MAKE SURE THAT THE PERSON, U DO CARE ABOUT IS; “WHAT WOULD JESUS SAY TO ME, IF I STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND MORAL….. What would He say, to me if I stood up in His shoes or sandals, and spoke like He spoke…. That is hard for some of us and comes naturally for some, but in the long run u can always live with knowing that u did something that will benefit generations to come.

Oh by the way everybody does not like you,  so stop, right now thinking that they do, some will never like you and no matter what you do or say  you can never convince them to like you.  Some might have liked u at first but after u stood up and spoke up they will no longer like u. SO, oh well its part of the territory and expect that.

From my reading the Bible I learn to live for God, not man, man can hurt you and make u feel so bad about yourself and the things you stand up for. So stand in Christ Jesus and when you do, it really does not matter how others feel about you. That is what I especially like about Jesus, he did not care if He was liked; although he asked his disciples, who do they say I am, St. Mark 8:v.27 Jesus went out, along with His disciples, to the villages of Caesarea Philippi; and on the way He questioned His disciples, saying to them, “Who do people say that I am?” 28 They told Him, saying, “John the Baptist; and others say Elijah; but others, one of the prophets.”… So when he turned around and asked his disciples who do you think I am, Peter answered, You are the Christ. [The scripture says “He said to them, But who do you say that I am?] So I assume, what He asked to them all, who do you say I am, He was asking the question to all of His disciples, but Peter answered first, so the Bible does not say if the rest was trying to answer before Peter beat them to it or if the other let Peter answer for them. It also does not say if  the others did say something at all. But anyway let’s just say only Peter really knew who Jesus was. Then you mean to tell me all his disciples his closest group, did not really know who he was? Then if that be the case your friends don’t really know you either.

That passage gave me, a great insight “people don’t know u but assume that u what are what they perceive u top be!!!! So if they perceive you to be that, then to them you are that! SO do what you have to do to please Jesus, because I will tell you right now u will never ever please everybody. So when you ain’t feeling something, then do something about it!!! Jesus did….

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Hello, I was just wondering, how was your day today? I can say for sure when you rose from bed, you probably thought for a second, it’s just another day. Yes it was another day to live your life. Another day to live and breathe. You know some of us wake up happy and some of us wake up sad, some aching, and some mad. But you woke up. Did you pick up your Bible to say a prayer, or give thanks?

The world is full of wonderful people, people who love life and living. People that know themselves the most, appreciate living. But I can’t help but to wonder, how many of us have learned to lean and depend on Yeshua our Lord and Saviour. How many of us have forgotten? Life goes by us so fast, we very seldom look around, and we very seldom stop to take in the smell of fresh air. We hurry, with a hush, hush attitude.

But… STOP!

Does anything matter anymore, except for what we want? We live in an, about us world. All about the mighty dollar. I wonder do you know your next door neighbor. Do you know who runs the corner store? Do you know how many churches are in your neighborhood? Can you put your computer down long enough to talk to someone or your cell phone? Did you pass around some love and joy! Did you smile or shake someone’s hand. Did you say I love you to someone? Did you have a small conversation with Jehovah Our Mighty God? Did you pray today? I don’t know how you, my readers, feel about things, but I pray that we will seek Lord Yeshua. Get to know Him?

As we go our merry way can we tell, or express the whole world that “v.7 He Christ our Lord was oppressed and was afflicted yet He opened not His mouth; He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter. As a sheep before the shearers is dumb, so He openeth not His mouth. V.8 He was taken from prison and from judgment; and who shall declare His generation? For He was cut off out of the land of the living; for the transgressions of my people was He striken. V.9 And He made his grave with the wicked and the rich in His death; because He had done no violence, neither was any deceit in His mouth. Isaiah 53:7-9 KJV

Do we think about who suffered so that we can have the things we have. Do we thank Him for providing a way to be set free, a way to repent for all this wrong stuff we do? I think anybody that has suffered for us so that we can have a better life deserves honor. Our King and Lord needs to be honored. He suffered terribly for ALL of us. But most of us have forgotten. Our memories are so very short. But when you really appreciate something or someone YOU NEVER FORGET!!!

Example: If you were walking down a sidewalk or a hallway, or even a street and you suddenly lost your eyesight;  someone came along and guided you to a place of safety, how would you feel? That person then led you to the place you were trying to go to, or called for help; would you be grateful? All your trust would be in that person. You would never forget that person, not in a million years! Would you really be grateful? The skin color of the person wouldn’t matter either. You’d be saying I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t showed up and helped me. You’d be crying and holding on to the person for dear life. So why do most of us forget Jesus our Deliverer,  God and Redeemer. He’s doing the same thing today, for you.

Can we tell others a story or testify about His mighty works in your life? Even if you don’t think its mighty guess what it is! Know why? You really could be dead somewhere, or in a grave, in sprinkled somewhere in ashes. I don’t care how badly times get, we still have to appreciate that we are still alive. Even the people who are bent on making other people lives miserable, guess what, you are still breathing! We all have to lift ourselves up sometimes, because we feel so low. But it’s ok. The Majesty in the Heavens hears and sees it all. He lifts up bowed down heads. He is the ONLY ONE!

What must you do today, the thing you forgot to do on yesterday! Call His Name. Call on your Father, the One Who Is Waiting! We Better Call His Name!!!

Call His Name. Call His Name. You can call His Name. You can call on Him. You know you can call His name. It’s not hard to do. Just call His Name? Just open your mouth and say His Name. If you have to because you find it hard to open your mouth to call His Name, then just close your eyes. Now is that better….

Just Call it…

You know what…

He’s listening

He’s waiting

On you too…

Call His Name.

His Name

Call it

Yes call it, if that is so hard to do with your eyes open, then just close your eyes and call His name…

Call it!

Yes say it.

Say it…

Just say it-His Name

He’s waiting…on

Don’t say He’s too Black or too White, because He is What He Is,

The Way, He is The Truth, and The Life John 14:5-6

The preserver of all men

Our God which happens to be Awesome

Just call HIS NAME! HIS NAME!!!

What must you do today…?

Thanks hope you enjoy!

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