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Can’t Do Christ Right!

To My Readers, I love You! Thank You! I Thank You!

My Love! Can’t Do Christ Right! 

When I say “Can’t do Christ Right” I mean some people want to do right by Christ, but there is a struggle going on. Yes we love Lord Christ, and it can seem like there may be some things which  blocks us from giving Him our all. Yes we all have struggled and some of us still are.  But it’s O.K., because that’s life. Yeshua understands that, but in the process He gives us a chance to repent and eventually get it right.  So when I say “Can’t Do Christ Right” , I mean he provides us new mercies and grace daily to do right by Him!  He is patient with us in so many ways with so many things.

Why?  Because He truly loves us, and have committed His life to make it so!  When I say committed His life, he did.

  • He came down from Heaven for us
  • He left a life of royalty  for us
  • He died for us
  • He bled for us
  • He suffered for us
  • He performed miracles for us
  • He taught  us
  • He  stood us for us
  • He fought sin for us
  • He sent the Holy Spirit for us
  • He denied Himself for us
  • He set us free
  • He’s fighting satan for us
  • He taught us to stand for the right things
  • He listens to us
  • He stands in the gap for us
  • He pleads to the Father  for us
  • He loves us
  • He forgives us
  • He pardons us
  • He binds the hands of the enemy
  • He  anoints us
  • He  explains things to us
  • He chose us in Him
  • He prefects us as saints
  • He provides us mercy
  • He provides us grace
  • He rescues us
  • He blesses us
  • He provides  for us

I hope you are getting the idea. We’ve got so much to be thankful, in the name of Yeshua the Messiah!!! Let us not forget.

Because of all His mighty works, we owe Him! Oh how He loves you and me!

If we only think;  we’ve got so much to be thankful for in Him -Christ! His eye is on the sparrow and His eyes are on us.

All Yeshua wants from us is our selves, to do His earthly duties.  He wants us live for Him.

In my former college classes, I admire one of my college Advisors because one day I went to her office to talk. So while we were talking I told her I really admired her. I told her I really appreciated her because she seemed to really understand the students, and she really seemed to help us so much. She told me that she loved her job, and she really wanted us to succeed, here at the college. She seemed to really understand the needs of the nontraditional students. You could really tell, because she was really different from some of the other advisors.

I liked talking to her. She so often encouraged me. One day when we were talking I told her how some of the assignments, were so difficult.  Some of the professors didn’t seem to explain enough to get the students  to understand what it was they expected from the assignments.   This is what she said to me. “If a professor would take  a little time to explain assignments, there would be less problems. If each student could understand the thing(s) that were expected; a lot of the students’ grades would improve drastically. If a student understood the expectations then, it would make for a better experience in the class room. And the things being taught would finally become  so simple.  Some of the instructors expected you to perform miracles without an understanding of the assignments. Then she said expectation is everything! If  a student knew the expectations of the assignments, then there would be less confusion. Sometimes when you ask some professors to explain the assignment, they look at you one-sided. But some will explain. (Not all professors are like that, I’m speaking for myself)

So, I said that to say this; “if we knew what Yeshua expects of us; then we would probably respond to Him better.  The Bible would not seem so complicated to us. Our earthbound assignment that Lord Yeshua has appointed for us would not be considered too hard for us to complete. His will for us would be readily understood, and would make for a better follower of Him. Maybe if some knew exactly what Yeshua expected then it would become so elementary for us. So in saying that, I mean the instructions found in the Bible would not seem so difficult and hard for some to obey.

So to simplify it:

  • He wants obedience
  • He wants our hope placed in Him
  • He wants us to go and seek to be born again in Him
  • He wants us to repent
  • He wants us to come to Him
  • He wants us to believe in Him
  • He wants us to love Him
  • He wants us to listen to Him
  • He wants us to abide in Him
  • He wants us to take up your Cross and follow Him
  • He wants us to love Him with all of our heart,  mind, soul and strength
  •  He wants us to rejoice and leap for joy in Him
  • He wants us to fear Him because He can destroy the body and soul in Hell
  • He wants us to worship Him in spirit and truth
  • He wants us to pray and do not lose heart
  • He wants us to not to be anxious about the necessities of daily life
  • He wants us not to be anxious about the threats of man
  • He wants us to humble ourselves and stop being prideful
  • He wants us to humble ourselves in child likeness  in  servant hood and  be broken hearted within Him
  • He wants us to do not be angry
  • He wants us to trust in His greatness
  • He wants us to embrace mercy and forgiveness
  •  He wants us to do the will of His Father who is in Heaven
  • He wants us to be justified in our trusting of Him
  • He wants us to be transformed
  • He wants us to strive to enter through the narrow door, because life is a war
  • He wants us to  love our neighbor
  • He wants us to go out into the land and help others become His disciples

So I hope I’ve help simplify His commands. He does not demand much, but what He does command  He expects us to understand- So Lets’ Do IT! Let’s OBEY CHRIST! Let’s Do Him Right!


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