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The Beginning of…

the Bible

In the beginning…

The very first three words in the Holy Bible, “In the beginning”. That short phrase has so much power within it.

I looked at the words over and over. I say them over and over to myself, “In the beginning”. The words of God, goes on to say, “God created the heaven and the earth”. But it’s the words “in the beginning, they have me in awe. In the beginning of time, after everything….  then, God created Adam and Eve.

“In the beginning”. It means something; matter of fact it means a lot. God could have said, “first or before, or even I created it all. He could have even said, I created man last or the heaven and earth was the first thing, but instead He said, “in the beginning”. We all have a beginning. What is a beginning? Lots of things have a beginning, all things have a beginning. All things have an origin.

Beginning is life.

The beginning of a life.

The beginning of you.

The beginning of self.

The beginning of growth.

The beginning of understanding.

The beginning of – No.

The beginning of – Yes.

The Beginning of your life, the Bible is the beginning of your life. It has your story; it has my story and everybody else’s story. But the story of your life is just the beginning, because it will continue, long after the fact… The Bible has you covered. There has to be a beginning for everything that ever existed on earth and in the earth. There is only one of us, but we have several beginnings. When I say several beginnings, I mean several beginnings which fit into your one life. We only have but, one life but many beginnings. Many beginnings to self. Self is you and all of you. No one else can be you, or live your life for you, as you. It has to be you and only you. Because of the things and circumstances; we may often wish we could live another life or become someone else, but we can’t. Our beginning is ours, and so is our end. Say for instance when we mess up, or something happens we wish we could change, or could have changed. We can’t. Say for instance you caused a serious car wreck and someone was killed, don’t you wish you could have changed the situation? You Can’t. You may have said something hurtful, accidentally did something wrong or made a terrible mistake, and could you take it back? No. You may say if only I had…

If I, just could have…

That all goes back to the beginning.

“In the beginning”.

Just think. For example, when Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. For her, that was her beginning of a sad and fearful life. The beginning of emotions, the beginning of confusion, the beginning of sadness, the beginning of problems and so on. If she had only obeyed the instructions of God.  I can imagine how she must have felt; I can even imagine how Adam must have felt. The regret, the pain, heartache, the grief, the isolation, the loss of their best friend, their Daddy’s trust.

But in this life, beginnings can good for some and bad for others. The beginnings of mistakes. The beginnings of triumphs. The beginnings of victories, and failings. When God created Adam and Eve, I am sure He knew the possibilities of failures on the part of Adam and Eve. He created them to be prefect. When the beginning of something awful creeps in, then there is a possibility that everything can become spoiled or rotten. It can be considered messed up or sinful. There can be a beginning to sin in our lives. Something sinful happened. That’s the beginning of sin for each of us. There’s always a beginning to something, and for something,in this life we live.

Was that sin when Eve did the thing she was not supposed to do? Yes. When we do things we are not supposed to do, is it sin or just bad judgment? Both.

Can sin be both bad and good? No. Sin is sin and God hates sin!

But that brings into the subject another question; what is your story?  As you begin to read the Bible and share in the stories of all the people in the Bible, you will begin to find yourself. If you read long enough you will find yourself, and your beginning.  You will identify with the person in the Bible that has your attitude, your thought process, and your willingness to obey or not obey. You will find reminders of your life. Reminders of the life of someone you know. But no matter what you are there.

God created one of all. But we all have sinned in one form or another. The only difference is that, some of us may know how to control it better than the other person. Like King Solomon said,  “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God require that which is past”.  That means nothing is new to begin with. God will require an answer from you for whatever reason, concerning your sins.

Let us understand that the beginning of sin is the beginning of our demise. We accept life as it is, never to correct our sinful self. We go on each day living in sin, never to repent, but it will stop one day. That will be the beginning of our end.  We must make a new beginning to please God. Why wouldn’t you want too? There is always someone whom we seek to please; husband, wife, children, boss, whomever we love the most or whoever we believe to be in authority. We seek to please. But God is the universes’ Authority. He is the Ultimate Authority, some choose to believe that, and some choose not to believer that.

You are always given the chance to begin to live for Christ, the Master behind the Beginning! God, Jehovah in the beginning, also gave us birth of a righteous mind to understand all that is good and pleasing to Him. It is time we use our minds and bodies to serve Him in all His glory. He gave it all to us first, so why not give it all back to Him. The best thing in this life He gave to us. So now give it back. Show God we appreciate His mercy and grace.

One thing God gave Adam and Eve was credit for cursing us all. He let us know the reason for all the troubles we have. God even warned us about satan , and how he convinced Eve to sin. God has no secrets and tricks to cause us to sin. We do it all by ourselves as Eve did. We like it because as Eve did, she saw…

“She saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit, thereof and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.”

This is what that passage tells me; in the beginning her eyes “saw” that the tree was food, food is something we need to live. But we don’t need sin to live. Plus the food looked good to her eyes, something she desired to have such as a fine piece of jewelry. Have you ever eaten something that just melted in your mouth, a good piece of chocolate? A tree to be desired, something to be desired, such as a million dollars. Did she know the meaning of the word wise or did satan plant the thought in her mind when he told her, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Did that make her want it more? So after he told her that; she ate!!! Did satan make her eat or was it something she wanted to do all along?

I’ll tell you what; satan can’t make you do something you do not want to really do! So she wanted to eat it and she did, even causing Adam to eat of the tree too.

In your mind’s eye what do you see? A woman ready to sin. A woman ready to cause someone else to sin.  A woman who did not want to do what was good and right. That was a new beginning for the both of them. For us too. One they wish they could have taken back a trillion times. God sent them both away from Him. One day we will stand before God, and some will be turned away from Him also. Don’t play around with satan in the garden you will pay! Adam and Eve were given the opportunity to obey His law and His command, not to eat of the tree.

So I ask you now – Get your beginning right. Right now! Try by beginning to understand Christ God Our King.  Your beginning started a very long time ago, In Christ Our Lord and Creator.

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Hello, I was just wondering, how was your day today? I can say for sure when you rose from bed, you probably thought for a second, it’s just another day. Yes it was another day to live your life. Another day to live and breathe. You know some of us wake up happy and some of us wake up sad, some aching, and some mad. But you woke up. Did you pick up your Bible to say a prayer, or give thanks?

The world is full of wonderful people, people who love life and living. People that know themselves the most, appreciate living. But I can’t help but to wonder, how many of us have learned to lean and depend on Yeshua our Lord and Saviour. How many of us have forgotten? Life goes by us so fast, we very seldom look around, and we very seldom stop to take in the smell of fresh air. We hurry, with a hush, hush attitude.

But… STOP!

Does anything matter anymore, except for what we want? We live in an, about us world. All about the mighty dollar. I wonder do you know your next door neighbor. Do you know who runs the corner store? Do you know how many churches are in your neighborhood? Can you put your computer down long enough to talk to someone or your cell phone? Did you pass around some love and joy! Did you smile or shake someone’s hand. Did you say I love you to someone? Did you have a small conversation with Jehovah Our Mighty God? Did you pray today? I don’t know how you, my readers, feel about things, but I pray that we will seek Lord Yeshua. Get to know Him?

As we go our merry way can we tell, or express the whole world that “v.7 He Christ our Lord was oppressed and was afflicted yet He opened not His mouth; He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter. As a sheep before the shearers is dumb, so He openeth not His mouth. V.8 He was taken from prison and from judgment; and who shall declare His generation? For He was cut off out of the land of the living; for the transgressions of my people was He striken. V.9 And He made his grave with the wicked and the rich in His death; because He had done no violence, neither was any deceit in His mouth. Isaiah 53:7-9 KJV

Do we think about who suffered so that we can have the things we have. Do we thank Him for providing a way to be set free, a way to repent for all this wrong stuff we do? I think anybody that has suffered for us so that we can have a better life deserves honor. Our King and Lord needs to be honored. He suffered terribly for ALL of us. But most of us have forgotten. Our memories are so very short. But when you really appreciate something or someone YOU NEVER FORGET!!!

Example: If you were walking down a sidewalk or a hallway, or even a street and you suddenly lost your eyesight;  someone came along and guided you to a place of safety, how would you feel? That person then led you to the place you were trying to go to, or called for help; would you be grateful? All your trust would be in that person. You would never forget that person, not in a million years! Would you really be grateful? The skin color of the person wouldn’t matter either. You’d be saying I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t showed up and helped me. You’d be crying and holding on to the person for dear life. So why do most of us forget Jesus our Deliverer,  God and Redeemer. He’s doing the same thing today, for you.

Can we tell others a story or testify about His mighty works in your life? Even if you don’t think its mighty guess what it is! Know why? You really could be dead somewhere, or in a grave, in sprinkled somewhere in ashes. I don’t care how badly times get, we still have to appreciate that we are still alive. Even the people who are bent on making other people lives miserable, guess what, you are still breathing! We all have to lift ourselves up sometimes, because we feel so low. But it’s ok. The Majesty in the Heavens hears and sees it all. He lifts up bowed down heads. He is the ONLY ONE!

What must you do today, the thing you forgot to do on yesterday! Call His Name. Call on your Father, the One Who Is Waiting! We Better Call His Name!!!

Call His Name. Call His Name. You can call His Name. You can call on Him. You know you can call His name. It’s not hard to do. Just call His Name? Just open your mouth and say His Name. If you have to because you find it hard to open your mouth to call His Name, then just close your eyes. Now is that better….

Just Call it…

You know what…

He’s listening

He’s waiting

On you too…

Call His Name.

His Name

Call it

Yes call it, if that is so hard to do with your eyes open, then just close your eyes and call His name…

Call it!

Yes say it.

Say it…

Just say it-His Name

He’s waiting…on

Don’t say He’s too Black or too White, because He is What He Is,

The Way, He is The Truth, and The Life John 14:5-6

The preserver of all men

Our God which happens to be Awesome

Just call HIS NAME! HIS NAME!!!

What must you do today…?

Thanks hope you enjoy!

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