Just a Thought!!!

We are living in some sad times, and they will get worse. There is going to come a time when enemies will be in your own house, on the same street u live on, and within. There is always an end to everything. So now we are entering the beginning of the end. When u look around and u cannot understand what’s happening. Don’t panic, it’s like we are on a roller coaster traveling down a hill, that has no bottom, at a very fast rate of speed. When u can look and see how vicious we have become. The persons running for public offices and especially the ones in very high place should not be as vicious as they are. They attack each other and love it. Who are the leaders, are there any left? What has happen to us? We are so filled with hate and anger, and for what? We feel one candidate is better than the other, but they all act like silly, selfish children who have been raised to hate their fellow-man. Why do we feel like we must hate each other and for what? We all live on this planet and in the US so why do we hate so hard. As a people we all owe it to each other to try to understand and get along. Why do we love to degrade each other and for what? We all are made from the same components and have the same emotions. But we choose to make differences, why? What have we gained? For one to feel superior over the next one? One race have had the upper hand over others all of your lives, you know this so why do u still hate? Help me understand the hatred, the superiority complex, the upper-hand, the must be overseer. Help me understand. Why do you still want blood? Whatever a man thinks of himself  so he becomes …. Why think hate, why think evil, why think angry, why think madness, why think killing, why think disharmony, why think meanly, why think corruptly, why think badly… You become what u think, you act the way you think, you perceive what you think, you like how you think, you become angry because of what you think and you hurt others because of what you think, so if you must think, then please think on things that are pure, righteous, moral, loving, kind, uplifting, peaceful, hopeful, and just. We need to learn…. and learning can be a very hard lesson if we have never been exposed to it in the first place. Learn how to care for and love something or somebody. But we can love whom we choose to love, when we choose to love them. So why is it so hard to learn to love someone u find disgusting to love. If you can love a pet, then you can love another human. If you can love your gun, then you can love another human. It does not feel good to love something you believe unfit or unlovable or not being able to love. But it can be done. You find it so hard to love another human because the skin is not the same as yours, or they are not from the same country u live in. You consider them immigrants or niggers (as u say). But at one time, u should remember you were hard to love once. I just wish people of the world could get along better, and understand each other more. But that can be very hard to do if only one side is trying and the other is turning their back, because u have some preconceived notion that as long as you live and breathe you will NEVER like or love that set of people. We must stop this. But one day we will destroy each other, and then you will have no one to turn on, but to turn on each other. Loving is easier than u think, and loving another person outside of your race or comfort zone should become a MAJOR PROJECT FOR EVERYBODY! A MAJOR PROJECT.
If we have an invasion, and a very serious invasion in America, then we would come together to fight the enemy, so why can we not come together as one and learn to love. Hate is the invader, hate is the enemy, so how do u defeat the enemy——– we come together as one, and forget skin.

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2 thoughts on “Just a Thought!!!

  1. Roqie North

    There can be no genuine unity except in Christ in truth. Wether we like it or not is of no importance, the human race will always be divided between religious, social, political, and racial orders. It is a satanic idea to call for unity under any order other than the unity of THE one true faith! A Christian can never be brother to a muslim, a muslim cannot be brother to a buddhist, etc. It is also abundantly clear that there will come a time when most peoples of the world will be unified in “wondering after the beast”, what a pity that this unity will be in error and in opposition to God and His true followers. Then it will be clear who are the weeds/tares and who are the wheat, and the mystery of who the seeds of the serpent and the seeds of the woman are. The entire human population will be divided into two groups, the group that worships satan (probably the overwhelming majority), and the group that worship God the Creator in truth (the tiny monority/remnant)!
    A truly marvelous time for the lovers of truth, righteousness, peace, love and Jesus!


    • Thank You and that is true, but do u ever wonder why God said all of that in His Words? Because He already knew that people were not going to try, to get along. There will always be one that wants control. That is why there were so many wars in Biblical times, its all about control. We are all filled with a sinful nature that get the best of us. So that is why He/God said that. Because He already knew satan will have total control of the mind of men. If you look further in the Bible you will also see who is in control of the earth, God allows satan to control the mind of the ones he(satan ) controls. Because we all do not belong to satan. So satan controls the ones he can control. That is why I said what I said. We can change if we allow the spirit of God to come in, and we learn how to forgive and repent for everything that has set itself up in us against God, then we can learn how to forgive and love. But yes God knows and He knew. God know that man will never get along because satan controls the mind of man. Thank You


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