Wearing It On The Inside Out Proudly!!!

On the wrong side

wrong side, shirt, inside out,

Remember when, you may have worn your dress, shirt or pants on the inside out? You didn’t notice it, and your mom or dad did.  Then maybe they had to tell you to go back and put it on right.  So you did. OK but what if you accidentally put them on wrong as an adult,  maybe  in a hurry or maybe you dressed in the dark. But once someone told you it was on the wrong side, you quickly corrected the mistake and may have even been embarrassed. Then what if you walked around all day like that? When you finally undressed you noticed you had been dressed like that all day, and no one told you. How would you feel? Some of us would see it as no big deal, others would probably have a fit. But either way it might be considered an embarrassment to you. Children will not notice the importance of being ill-dressed, but a teenager or an adult would consider it as a great embarrassment. You wanted no one to see you walking around with clothes on the inside out. You wanted no one to think you were getting senile, or aging before your time. You wanted no one to even think that you cannot dress yourself correctly anymore. If you thought they were thinking like that, then you would feel bad and ashamed. OK what if you wore the wrong shoes or mix-matched shoes all day and  never noticed? When finally realizing it you laughed it off, but on the inside you might have been somewhat embarrassed, especially if you were in a public place. What if somebody else saw the mix-matched shoes before you saw them? Oh that is really like a slap in the face, but a funny slap or a major embarrassment. But it usually turns out to be just a funny incident, with no harm done. You laugh and move on, but next time you’ll make sure everything is on the right sides and on correctly.

Now look at this picture, what do you see wrong with it? Some will say nothing, and some will say that her dress is definitely on the wrong side. Some will say well the tags should be on the inside of the dress not the outside. Some may say, because she is walking around outside of the store she may have purchased it from, she may have stolen it, and some may say she probably bought it but just forgot to remove the tag. Then others may say  she wants  the tag to show, letting everyone know she had a new dress on.  Then some may say she got dressed in the dark or in a hurry. Look at the seams of the dress showing, which would normally be on the inside. But either way it would draw attention to the person wearing the dress. So what would you say? She looks ok, jewelry is good, nails done, shoes in place, purse in the right place, hat on right, but its something not quite right.

Now Biblically speaking, it would probably be said; she has probably had a very hard day, she is physically ill, physically tired or depressed and some would say, what is wrong with her? If a psychiatrist or psychologist saw her, they probably would say the same or go into a more detailed description for the way the lady/woman is dressed. Everyone would form their own opinion, as to why she looks like this. But would everyone’s opinion be correct? In their own eyes they would be. But if opinions were based on a solid standard, used as a guide to be used for judging opinions, then everyone would be wrong. So how does a society based it opinions? Where can you find a solid guide? How do you know something is turned from the inside out? How can you know when something is on the wrong side? Well you say we can see it, see it on the wrong side. Yes we can see it. So it should bother us that something is on the wrong side. And the one wearing it, on the wrong does not know it, or does not care. So what should you do about it? Let them know when their outer wear is on the wrong side. Or just ignore it? What if your life depended on it? But what would God say?

tag on the outside

clothing on the wrong side


What If Society Is On The Wrong Side? On The Inside Out. Turned Upside Down.

We all live in this society, weather we like it or not. We have no other choice, so we go about our everyday task, doing what we do each and everyday. Living life as we know how. We read books, we search the internet, we watch the news or listen to the daily news. Everyday now we see some crazy happening, or hear something crazy being said. We ask ourselves what is going on, what is happening, what is wrong, what is becoming of the world, what is wrong with people? Al the questions you have began with , “What is?” The what is, is a logical question, a common sense question, a simple question, but a hard one to answer for some of us. But to your own understanding just makes it worse, or makes it appear harder to understand. So going to the solid guide helps some understand and confuses others. But the sure thing is knowing that there is one wiser than we will ever be. Sometimes things are just to hard to understand and to hard to comprehend. Some thin can make you not want to understand, and some will make you want to shut down. Sometimes things can beat you down, and whip your mind when you think about them. Some things are not for us to understand, and others are. But either was your 5 senses can help you understand so much. For  example, you hear things foreign to you, you see things foreign to you, might smell things foreign to you touch things foreign to you and taste things foreign to you. You can’t quiet understand exactly what they mean. So you dwell on trying to understand them. But Biblically, the Bible states in Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; V6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct our paths. So first of all if we believe that, then we won’t try so hard to rack our brains trying to figure out, why all this stuff is happening around us.


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Those are just a few links to help you understand the topic of discussion. But there are so many, many more. To help us get a true understanding of the things being said, is to find yourself a Bible, as soon as possible and follow these steps:
 Read it
The Best books in the Bible to read to help you understand better, what is happening today, exactly as it is:
would be:
The Book of Jonah
The Book of Isaiah
The Book of Hosea
The Book of Amos
The Book of Micah
The Book of Nahum
The Book of Zephaniah
The Book of Jeremiah
The Book of Ezekiel

wrong side pants

man pants on wrong side

inside out clothing

inside out clothing, tacky dressing,

These Books in the Bible explains so much of what is happening today and what will happen today and tomorrow. The best source for information concerning todays issues are all found in the Bible. When you want to read a newspaper, look in the Bible. When you want to read a magazine on current events, read the Bible. Want a word from your fortune-teller or Beverly Hills psychic, read your Bible and save yourself some money. Save yourself some stress when it comes to events that we have no control over. If you want to know somethings that appear harder to understand, listen to some podcasts by Prince Handley, or Anthony Evans Sr. If you are a more radical listen to a radical  Biblical Preacher, Biblical Teacher or Biblical Scholar, who all believe in Jesus Christ.
But I cannot forget to ask u to Read.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Genesis  tells what and who. Exodus tells us where. Leviticus tells us why. Deuteronomy tells us when. However the whole Bible answers all 5 and then some more!! The 5 observations words can be applied throughout the Bible to get your answers. So use them if u are the curious kind. And you will be surprised at your answers. Yeah sometimes the Bible is very hard to understand, so once again, find you a real church or a real Pastor who follows no man but the Word of God. Ask them to explain.
Why is the world being turned inside out?                                                                                                                                                                                   Because of unbelievers! Unbelievers can make believers very miserable, or at least try to. But BE ADVISED, they will try very hard to do so, but fail in the end. The Words of Yahweh gives us so much comfort in the mist of everything happening. It is so sad to see the things that are happening, but we were warned. Some of us take heed of the warnings and some don’t. So when the world is turned inside out or upside down, when wrong is right, good is called evil, when Yahweh is called a liar, and satan is  Lord. When the Bible is mocked, and imperfect are allowed to replace everything that is pure, right, good, Holy, Righteous, Peaceful, Honest, Pure, Just, and Godly. So inside out is a terrible state to be caught in, but the world is accepting of stuff that is so negative going on in America, and will cause negative effects for us in the near future. Global warming, droughts, flooding, excessive murders, selling of aborted babies body parts, men having operations to become women, higher level of violence against someone considered undesirables. We cry when we should be laughing and laugh when we should be crying. We hate when we should love and love when we should hate. We exhort when we should shun, and shun when we should exhort. We applaud when we should not, and when we should we won’t. What should be is not, and what should not be, is. Why is this so? We make a big fuss over the death of a lion, but sit quietly when a human is murdered in cold blood. We value the lives of animals over the lives of humans. We value sin, over godly. We value carnal over spiritual. Why? We idolize a rapist, and a child molester, over a preacher or a man or woman of God. We value a man having a sex change to become a woman, than over a man that is a man. We hate godly, and accept satanic. We love demonic and hate heavenly. We are thinkers of the inside out. We think inside out, we live inside out. We wear it proudly, never repenting, asking for forgiveness, and never stop to seek a godly solution for all of this. Why is this? We all live in the shadows of Adam and Eve. The first to sin, the first to challenge God and His wisdom, so therefore sinners. We live in the shadow of the first Cain. We have a natural bent to hunger and desire sinful stuff. We want that rush that we get when we seek, search and hunger after unrighteousness. That is what we get, inside out living. Just long as it continues, by the time the small children today grows it will become the norm. So seriously ask yourself is this the norm you want for your children and grandchildren and their children. If not we as a Nation need to repent and start today, right now asking Yahweh to heal this land.

One thing for sure, when wearing thing on the inside out, it get attention from others. Some laugh, some look in surprise, some are shocked, some look in disgust and some look away. So which will you do?

But a Christian should say something and help the person understand in love that something is wrong. So Christians, this is your opportunity to help turn things around and help the Nation get back to the right side out, or the wrong side in. We got to be bold, encouraged and strong in the Words of God, first. So as said earlier we saw the actions of the people when they see someone wearing inside out. Just think that is the way some Nations look at us, and have the same reactions. Laugh, see us as disgusting, ashamed for us, and the reaction go on and on…. In the Word

One sure solution to that is to run as fast as u can to the nearest Holy Bible and read  and act upon  the words in it, as if your life depended upon it!!!!! Oh yeah one more thing, there are consequences for every action. Look around at the current weather events, the heat, the smothering heat, the fires, look it up in the Bible and see what Christ says about the last days and the fire… 

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