Fearing Things Can Help You Sin Less OR STOP!!!

Fear Isn’t a Bad Thing, If It Helps You Stop Sinning for the Greater Cause

What’s the greater cause?

A life that you will have if you stop  sinning and live forever.

You will never die!

Your youth will be replenished.

You will live forever and not have to look over your back all the time.

Not have to have so many sleeplessness nights.

You get to have an eternal life, in a very comfortable place, not lacking for anything.

I think you kinda get the idea…

If we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives in a prison cell, would we stop?

If we knew we will have developed Cancer, would we have stopped?

If we knew our children would pay for our sins could we stop?

If we knew that our sin would cause so many others to suffer, would we have stopped? If not others, think of how you will suffer.

If we knew that our sin would become a habit, would we have stopped?

If we knew that selfishness is the greatest curse would we have stopped?

If we knew we couldn’t take all the gains we gained to the grave with us would we have stopped?

If we knew that our life would have been different, would we have stopped?

Well the list goes on…. Is the sin, worth the cost? NO, NO AND NO!

Why? You will live to regret it! Ask someone who’s lying  and on their death-bed. If they say they have none then they lie, or they are not speaking or think spiritually. So why lie to yourself!

Now Fear!  Why Fear?

Because Yeshua said, “If men fear me, then they will depart from their evil ways! Evil way is a sin filled life. We all sin.

Example:  When you were a child you feared that strap or the belt. No one and I mean no one wants to get a whipping! The fear that a whipping placed in your heart, made you think twice about doing something your parent(s) told you not to do. A belt can sure make you walk lite and think right!

That’s all Yeshua wants is for us to act right. He will not come down from Heaven to spank us with a belt. But He can sure hit us where it hurts. And I mean where ever it HURTS!

  1.        Your Life
  2.       Your Children
  3.       Your Finances
  4.       Your Success
  5.        Your Livelihood
  6.       Your Health

But remember he loves us. I was going to say just as our parents did, but today some parents hate their children, hate them enough to kill them before they are born. Enough to hurt them after they are born. And even enough to sell them for money. But all of that is SIN.

Remember: For the Love of Money is the ROOT of Evil! Money can make you sin on a Grander level. Money can make you sin on a Massive level.

Back to fearing Yeshua; it’s a good fear. Remember parents that fear Lord Yeshua will keep their children from any type of harm or danger. So will Lord Yeshua. He sincerely loves us and cares about our well-being. He will also give us anything we desire, when we obey!

 Fear for the Greater CAUSE

 One sin is like committing all sins. So we can’t say oh, I only drink socially every day, and that’s all. Well if you are not an alcoholic yet, you are on your way. That’s how an alcoholic starts, one drink, then two drinks, then three drinks, then next the whole bottle or half the case of beer. Then what’s next? You get behind the wheel and kill someone – that a small sin that grew into a big one. Now you’re a murderer.  After satan got you to drink all that drink, you killed someone – guess who’s going to prison?  I can tell you isn’t. Satan. Guess who’s enjoying your pain; I’m sure it’s not you! SATAN! He has just made a fool of you! He enjoys that so much! He enjoys our misery, because he helped create it. Then when you hit and kill someone the first name you holla is JESUS!

Satan starts the mess, but we need Lord Yeshua to get us out. Satan starts the mess, but our parents are the ones who have to pay the bond, if you get one. So think about it, Christ Yeshua is our Savior and deliverer. He is like a caring parent. A parent that wants us to be prosperous in all things, we set out to accomplish.

He wants to be able to forgive us for ALL the wrong thoughts and actions we’ve done to ourselves and others. BUT, we have got to go have a meeting with Him, go to the dinner table and have supper with Him. We’ve got to ask him to act upon our behalf and set our record straight. Ask Him to make things right. Ask Him, like we ask a judge in court to have mercy upon us. HE WILL. Mean it! Then go and SIN NO MORE!


So, fearing our Lord Yeshua is not a bad thing. If you get the big picture, and get a glimpse of your future as to what life might be like if you decided to repent for all wrong thoughts and actions. 

We need to find Him.

We need to seek His presence in our lives.

We need to invite Him in to change us.

We need to seek to understand Him more.

We need to practice right and moral actions.

We need to pick up a Bible and explore it.

We need to trust Him.

We need to sin less.

 Now, on the other hand if you love a life of sin, and don’t care then, DO NOTHING. 

 Just keep up the life of a common sinner who is the best at what he does. Like the old saying goes, be the greatest at what you do!

BUT remember He loves you with all your heart. He will always give you a chance to change your mind. His heart has so much room, that if He loves you with all His heart you would be changed instantly.




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