“A wrong spirit in us causes us to Sin”

Yeshua would like you to know::

The spirit transmits its thoughts to the soul and the soul then causes the body to obey the spirit’s orders. The soul is the medium.  But before the fall of man the spirit controlled “the whole” being through the soul.  Before man committed sin the power of the soul was completely under the dominion or rule of the spirit. The spirit in itself cannot act upon the body; it can only do it as the medium of the soul. Luke 1: 46-47 explains the meaning of the words, stated above. Remember the soul is the site of our personality. Our will, intellect and emotions are all located in our soul. Our spirit is used to communicate with the spiritual world, and our body is used to communicate with the natural world. Now get this: Our soul stands between and causes its power to discern and decide whether the spiritual or the natural world should reign. Sometimes the soul can take control over man through intellect. That action creates an idea world which reigns. But in order for the spirit to be in control; the soul has to give its consent; otherwise our spirit is helpless to regulate the soul and the body. But the final decision is up to the soul, because our personality lives there.   All of our sins belong to the soul, or should I say the soul fathers our sins. But the soul has to submit itself to spirit in order for the spirit to rule. But if your soul acts against the spirit, then the spirit is powerless to rule us. That’s how we can have a free will. Yeshua created us to be able to choose how we use our will. We have full power to decide for ourselves how we would like rule over ourselves. So in other words we can choose to obey the words Yeshua placed in the Holy Bible to live by or we can choose to ignore them completely and create our own rules to live by.

But I hope you know, there is no in between, either we live according  to Yeshua’s  Bible  (Holy Guide) or Commandments or we will live by the unholy actions of satan. It’s just simple. No in between!

Yeshua desires for us to be complete in His will. Yeshua desires that the spirit control ‘our whole” being. But remember the most important part of us belongs to the soul. It is our will which determines if our spirit, our body will rule over us. That is why the Bible calls us “living souls”.

Do you know that you are Yeshua’s temple and that Yeshua’s Spirit dwells in us? Read I Corinthians 3:16  Yeshua also tells us in verse 17 that if anyone destroys Yeshua’s temple, Yeshua will destroy that person. Why?  Because the temple of Yeshua is Holy and YOU ARE THE TEMPLE!  Sin does destroy our temples.  All Yeshua asks is that you don’t destroy your temple. He loves us. Please stop sinning and ask for repentance of your sins.

This is the order spirit, soul and body

The spirit is the pre-eminent part of us, so Yeshua mentions it first.

The soul stands between the spirit and the body.

 The body is the lowest and the last.

The soul is the organ of our personalities; it houses the mind, power or ability to decide something for ourselves and our emotions.  

Our soul is the master over all our actions, and our bodies obeys its orders.

Before Adam fell to temptation, the soul was governed by the spirit. And that is how Yeshua would prefer it. First the spirit then the soul and lastly the body!

If we allow the wrong spirits to dwell in us, then we will commit sins; sins that even we will be ashamed to own up too. But, Yeshua made provisions so we won’t have to keep up the sin act. We can correct a sinful life if we give our lives over to Him and repent, or ask for forgiveness. Yeshua loves us so much, that even in our committing sins, He forgives us if we ask Him too.

So once we began to understand how the spirit, soul and body completely function, then we can know how to change our actions. These actions that we commit against Yeshua, can be forgiven. So now, since we know a little more, we can begin to honor Yeshua by changing our sin nature. It’s not that hard, but it is not easy.  We cannot do it in own strength. We must ask Yeshua to help us. Only through asking Him for sincere forgiveness will he move to help us. He can  deliver us from our sinful nature and actions. So the more we practice changing our sin nature, the more we began to become aware of our sin actions. Then we can begin to separate ourselves from sin and sinful influences.

But the most IMPORTANT thing for us to remember is to REPENT First!


By asking Yeshua to FORGIVE US!

And guess what! HE WILL!

If you would like to know about the Spirit, Soul and the Body try reading some of  Watchman Nee‘s work! He is really deep, and if you would like to know the truth. I suggest you read Nee’s writings. They will truly help you understand it!

Medium– means of effecting or conveying something: as(1) : a substance regarded as the means of transmission of a force or effect (2) : a surrounding or enveloping substance(3) : the tenuous material (as gas and dust) in space that exists outside large agglomerations of matter (as stars)

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2 thoughts on ““A wrong spirit in us causes us to Sin”

  1. Jerald,
    I have enjoyed your blog post. I see that you love Yeshua as I do. May I respectfully make a comment? You mentioned that “the more we practice changing our sin nature, the more we began to become aware of our sin actions.”
    I have become convinced that it is the power of Jesus’ blood that changes our nature, from the sin-nature we inherited from the corruption of satan, to Jesus’ very own nature. The blood of Jesus did this FOR us. Our blood has been cleansed from every sin-nature “once and for all” by His own blood. I know that statement may sound like doctrine, but I believe it is physical reality! (Romans 6:10, Hebrews 10:10).
    Thus, there is no need to “practice changing our sin nature” because our sin-nature has been removed, purged from us, cleansed from our blood by the blood of the Lamb, Yeshua. We are the receivers of this action, having confessed our agreement with it. And we have been made clean, now considered by Yeshua to be His own righteousness. We now have our being, our spirit-soul-body, in Him, and are spiritually one with Him. (2 Cor 5:17)
    This being so, we now know a sin-act is not us… not our truest self, our cleansed, righteous-self, but a behavior left over that we have not “put under the blood” of Yeshua. I think this is the ‘practice’ that you may be thinking of here.
    I have found, that as I agree with Scripture, and believe in my heart that I am righteous as He is righteous, then I behave in this manner too. All other “behaviors” (un-redeemed behaviors and beliefs) that crop up, I know are only residual left-overs from the mindsets of my blood that has not been fully purged (they may have been hidden deep within me, but Yeshua brought them to the light, so they could be exposed and cleansed by His blood), and my action is to then put that behavior and it’s beliefs under the blood of the lamb, asking for Him to purify my blood so that my words and deeds are more and more like Him. I pray this will help you see yourself as fully pure in Him, the more you do, the more your behaviors are led from your spirit and you flow with Him in oneness. He is so good to us, He loves us so much! Thanks for hearing me out. Blessings, in Him.


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