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Fearing Things Can Help You Sin Less OR STOP!!!

Fear Isn’t a Bad Thing, If It Helps You Stop Sinning for the Greater Cause

What’s the greater cause?

A life that you will have if you stop  sinning and live forever.

You will never die!

Your youth will be replenished.

You will live forever and not have to look over your back all the time.

Not have to have so many sleeplessness nights.

You get to have an eternal life, in a very comfortable place, not lacking for anything.

I think you kinda get the idea…

If we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives in a prison cell, would we stop?

If we knew we will have developed Cancer, would we have stopped?

If we knew our children would pay for our sins could we stop?

If we knew that our sin would cause so many others to suffer, would we have stopped? If not others, think of how you will suffer.

If we knew that our sin would become a habit, would we have stopped?

If we knew that selfishness is the greatest curse would we have stopped?

If we knew we couldn’t take all the gains we gained to the grave with us would we have stopped?

If we knew that our life would have been different, would we have stopped?

Well the list goes on…. Is the sin, worth the cost? NO, NO AND NO!

Why? You will live to regret it! Ask someone who’s lying  and on their death-bed. If they say they have none then they lie, or they are not speaking or think spiritually. So why lie to yourself!

Now Fear!  Why Fear?

Because Yeshua said, “If men fear me, then they will depart from their evil ways! Evil way is a sin filled life. We all sin.

Example:  When you were a child you feared that strap or the belt. No one and I mean no one wants to get a whipping! The fear that a whipping placed in your heart, made you think twice about doing something your parent(s) told you not to do. A belt can sure make you walk lite and think right!

That’s all Yeshua wants is for us to act right. He will not come down from Heaven to spank us with a belt. But He can sure hit us where it hurts. And I mean where ever it HURTS!

  1.        Your Life
  2.       Your Children
  3.       Your Finances
  4.       Your Success
  5.        Your Livelihood
  6.       Your Health

But remember he loves us. I was going to say just as our parents did, but today some parents hate their children, hate them enough to kill them before they are born. Enough to hurt them after they are born. And even enough to sell them for money. But all of that is SIN.

Remember: For the Love of Money is the ROOT of Evil! Money can make you sin on a Grander level. Money can make you sin on a Massive level.

Back to fearing Yeshua; it’s a good fear. Remember parents that fear Lord Yeshua will keep their children from any type of harm or danger. So will Lord Yeshua. He sincerely loves us and cares about our well-being. He will also give us anything we desire, when we obey!

 Fear for the Greater CAUSE

 One sin is like committing all sins. So we can’t say oh, I only drink socially every day, and that’s all. Well if you are not an alcoholic yet, you are on your way. That’s how an alcoholic starts, one drink, then two drinks, then three drinks, then next the whole bottle or half the case of beer. Then what’s next? You get behind the wheel and kill someone – that a small sin that grew into a big one. Now you’re a murderer.  After satan got you to drink all that drink, you killed someone – guess who’s going to prison?  I can tell you isn’t. Satan. Guess who’s enjoying your pain; I’m sure it’s not you! SATAN! He has just made a fool of you! He enjoys that so much! He enjoys our misery, because he helped create it. Then when you hit and kill someone the first name you holla is JESUS!

Satan starts the mess, but we need Lord Yeshua to get us out. Satan starts the mess, but our parents are the ones who have to pay the bond, if you get one. So think about it, Christ Yeshua is our Savior and deliverer. He is like a caring parent. A parent that wants us to be prosperous in all things, we set out to accomplish.

He wants to be able to forgive us for ALL the wrong thoughts and actions we’ve done to ourselves and others. BUT, we have got to go have a meeting with Him, go to the dinner table and have supper with Him. We’ve got to ask him to act upon our behalf and set our record straight. Ask Him to make things right. Ask Him, like we ask a judge in court to have mercy upon us. HE WILL. Mean it! Then go and SIN NO MORE!


So, fearing our Lord Yeshua is not a bad thing. If you get the big picture, and get a glimpse of your future as to what life might be like if you decided to repent for all wrong thoughts and actions. 

We need to find Him.

We need to seek His presence in our lives.

We need to invite Him in to change us.

We need to seek to understand Him more.

We need to practice right and moral actions.

We need to pick up a Bible and explore it.

We need to trust Him.

We need to sin less.

 Now, on the other hand if you love a life of sin, and don’t care then, DO NOTHING. 

 Just keep up the life of a common sinner who is the best at what he does. Like the old saying goes, be the greatest at what you do!

BUT remember He loves you with all your heart. He will always give you a chance to change your mind. His heart has so much room, that if He loves you with all His heart you would be changed instantly.




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Having A Wrong Spirit In Us Can Cause Havoc!!!!

Having A Wrong Spirit In Us Can Cause Havoc!!!!

The world is full of things that represent everything wrong.

 A wrong spirit can do us in

Example: If a person use curse words all the time and in their heart knows better and still do it then they have a wrong spirit. So how do you defeat this kind of spirit?  Repent, daily, cry with a sincere spirit of sadness and ask Yeshua to forgive. But what if that does not work, keep praying asking Yeshua to let you become aware of this sin repent and ask for forgiveness.  Ask Yeshua to make you aware of the sin, and to sincerely help you defeat the sin of the mouth or tongue. This is a daily walk. I know.

 Say for instance you are a liar, all the time. You know you are a liar, but you can’t seem to help it. You just lie because you can. Then my friend you have a sin problem. Yes, a sin problem.

Ok say you lust after the opposite sex, all day every day, and the thoughts can’t seem to go away. That’s all you live for, and then you have a sin problem.

Or say you lust after someone of the same-sex; then again you have a sin problem.

 Or say you are greedy and you want your part, and the other person’s portion too, you have a sin problem. You lust after the things other people have, and you won’t stop until you get all you can get while you can get it. Example: Look at the present financial situations, and how they play out in our society or the Nation.  According to Economy Watch, The top 50 financial institutions in the USA are the leading names in the financial scenario of the United States of America. These organizations have done stellar business over the years in the country and have continued to serve millions of people and address their financial issues through their services. They have also played an important role in the context of the US economy through their services. (ECONOMY WATCH)

  • TD Bank USA, National Association
  • Bank of America
  • E*E*TRADE Bank
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank
  • Bank of the West
  • Wachovia Bank
  • Citibank (South Dakota) N.A.
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
  • Citibank
  • Harris National Association
  • Washington Mutual Bank
  • The Bank of New York
  • SunTrust Bank
  • Chase Bank USA,
  • U.S. Bank
  • Marshall and Ilsley Bank
  • Regions Bank
  • TD BankNorth
  • Branch Banking and Trust Company
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • National City Bank
  • USAA Federal Savings Bank
  • HSBC Bank USA
  • Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania
  • World Savings Bank
  • The Huntington National Bank
  • Countrywide Bank
  • Citizens Bank of Massachusetts
  • PNC Bank
  • LaSalle Bank Midwest
  • Keybank
  • Compass Bank
  • ING Bank, fsb
  • First Tennessee Bank
  • Merrill Lynch Bank
  • Charter One Bank
  • Sovereign Bank
  • Capital One
  • Comerica Bank
  • Discover Bank
  • Union Bank of California
  • UBSBank
  • Commerce Bank
  • Morgan Stanley Bank
  • North Fork Bank
  • Colonial Bank, National Association
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
  • LaSalle Bank National Association

Now check out what the article is saying “these organizations have been doing stellar business over the years in the country and have continued to serve millions of people and address their financial issues through their services”. If that is so, what happened?

Then why are so many people having problems with these institutions?  They are the ones doing all the financing. They are in charge of the money. The Bible says “for the love of money is the root of ALL evil! Especially if they want it all for themselves and in the process causes others to suffer or to become oppressed. This is because of the wrong spirits that lives within them. That’s SIN!  Consequences – people lose homes, jobs, savings, self-worth etc… That is why Yeshua says there is a spiritual wickedness in high place. That means the spirit of the ones that makes decisions for the masses, or the board and ceo’s of these companies.  It can also be the Kings and Queens, which rules over the lands.  May I make it understandable or bring it closer to home, your employer, your landlord, some pastors over churches, or even school teachers. If these people spirits are not right, then may I say there will be hell in the land!

Their spirit is not right. The list above is the names of these companies, and a name hurts no one. But it’s the people in these companies, that run these companies, which have the lustful spirit of greed. These people have allowed a spirit of greed, covetness, pride, godlessness, and obsession. They have a wrong spirit. I am almost sure neither of these persons, that run these companies have any type of relationship with Yeshua.  But because of their sin others suffer. But if these people never repent and try to correct their wrongs… never… then they do not belong to Yeshua. They live as if when they die, that is the end to their sin, but guess what that is when the real beginning starts, the one they will forever regret! (See everything written below, keep reading) – Hell is going to be full too! Satan laughs when people suffer. Satan laughs when he finds people he can use to hurt others. Satan laughs at the sorrow of others. Satan laughs when people and down, “And Yeshua does keep watch and record notes”!

Everything I say to you, you can find a scripture that explains exactly the things I say!

When I say wrong spirit I actually mean that part of us the dwells on the inside, which is called our spirit. We all have one on the inside, and if we don’t have it under control we sin. If we are not aware that we have a wrong spirit we sin. Sin makes us do terrible things, and evil things. Sin causes us to be separated from Yeshua. Sin is no-win situation. Sin must be one of the most important things to Yeshua. It is.

Why?  Sin causes a separation from Yeshua, and Yeshua does not like to be separated from us at all. Yeshua came down from Heaven to die, or to give up His life because of it. He died for us, so that we could live. Live a life free from sin. Example: if a woman is in the process of giving birth and something happens, and the doctor tells her and the husband that the mother or the child, may not live, but tells them they have a choice to decide who would live, the mom would probably say, let me die, but the dad would probably say, no let the baby die. So the mom would give up her life for her child to live. Why did the mom offer to give up her life? Because she loved her child so much that she could not stand to see that child die or be destroyed. She felt that the child deserved to live. She felt that the child needed a chance at life.  A chance to live on and carry on the family legacy. A chance to experience the things in life she had already experienced. The same with Yeshua, he preferred to die so that we could live. He chose to die. He decided to die. He wanted to die. To die, for each and every one of His children, so that each may live.  To live! To live a life that Yeshua would have us to live, and carry out His legacy. But why did the dad choose to give up the baby’s life? He loved his wife more than the child, he had no internal bond with the child yet, so in other words he would not miss the child, but he would miss his wife. When there is a bond there, letting go is so hard to do. The mother had an internal bond, but the dad had not developed one with the unborn child. The mother had. Yeshua has this internal bond with all of His children, the same as the one the mom had with the unborn child. LET my baby LIVE!  She loved her child just that much to give her life, for her child. She gave her baby the gift of life. Life is a gift.

Yeshua gave us the gift of life. A life that should be free from sin.

But guess what!

We have not taken advantage of His gift.

So you saying, what gift?

The gift is called Salvation. (We’ll talk about that later)

He died on the Cross, so that we could be loved once again.

Loved by who or what?

By Yeshua or Abba Ha’ah – meaning The Higher Father

He never really stopped loving us, but He had to prove to us that HE loved us in spite of all the wrongs we have done, to Him and against Him. Yeshua love us but hates the sin. I am so glad about that. So think! We would have never met Yeshua, if it would not have been for our sins! Yes sins. Our sins are the thing that made Him come to earth. He had to straighten us up, because we had gotten out of control again!

Let me remind you…

If He had not come to us there would NOT have been:

 No Yeshua for us to get to know and serve

No Teacher

No Holy Spirit

No Scriptures

No Righteousness

There would be no:

 New Testaments








Divine Love

Second Coming



I think you’re getting the idea… So if there was none of the above – We would all be sin filled and dead. Living as if we had no guidance, no conscious, not knowing what is moral and good. Not knowing right from wrong. No repenting for our sinful lives, no Yeshua, no nothing, ONLY sin and satan. At least nothing that would have introduced us to Yeshua. But the most important thing is that He placed a called upon HIS children. A calling which helps us decide that we are His children and that we will the gift of live and try to live a sinless life. Living a sinless life can be the hardest thing to do, since we live in a world with nothing but sin all around us. Sin is there when we wake up in the morning, sin is there when we lie down to sleep in the evening. Sin is everywhere even on the inside of us.  That sin on the inside of us is what causes us to do things that are not right or in accordance with Yeshua’s Laws. That is what it means to have a sinful nature. The sinful nature is the reason for all the troubles in our lives. But the best thing is how Yeshua forgives us all. When I say all I mean; Yeshua only forgives those whom are His, would you like to know why?  If you are not His, I would recommend you to become His. He does forgive a sinner, but the sinner must repent!!!!!!!! In order to be forgiven, be baptized, confess and believe that Yeshua is who He says He is, and give up your sin. When I say confess I do not mean to the priest, I mean to Messiah Yeshua.

Because, all of us are do not belong to Yeshua. The reason we are all not His is because, some were and are children of satan. Let me explain: Yeshua wants us all to be protected and saved, but satan wants us all too be exposed and abandoned. In other words Yeshua wants to save us for satan, and satan wants to snatch us away from Yeshua. I hope you are understanding what I’m saying a little bit. Ok look at this – Yeshua desires that all people be saved. But, not all people will be saved. Yeshua desires that all people, not sin. Do we sin? Yes. Is Yeshua’s will accomplished in this? No. Is Yeshua in control? Yes, yet His will that they we not sin, is not carried out. They will be judged for their sins and fall under the condemnation of Yeshua. Yet Yeshua does not want us to perish as it says in Ezekiel 33:11,” ‘As we live,’ said the Lord Yeshua, ‘I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live.”

Will they perish? Yes, because Yeshua punishes the sinner who is not covered in the blood of Christ: “He that believeth on the Son / Yeshua, will have everlasting life! But for those of us that do not believeth in the Son / Yeshua, will not see life; but the wrath ( anger, fury, temper ) of God come down on them” (John 3:36). But some tell the lie, that everyone will be saved! That is not so.

Something else:  Sin has power over us! And it is very hard to give it up! But remember it’s a choice!  Yeshua loves us! When we seek the face and life of Yeshua, then sin has no power over us. He wants to help us overcome.  


Yeshuacarriedsickness, sin, disease, poverty, and oppression – the works of the devil (Satan) – FOR YOU.  Now you do not have to carry them any longer. They do NOT belong to the believer in Messiah Yeshua! But you must ask and repent!

 Yeshua will judge our sin weather we want to believe it or not!


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“A wrong spirit in us causes us to Sin”

Yeshua would like you to know::

The spirit transmits its thoughts to the soul and the soul then causes the body to obey the spirit’s orders. The soul is the medium.  But before the fall of man the spirit controlled “the whole” being through the soul.  Before man committed sin the power of the soul was completely under the dominion or rule of the spirit. The spirit in itself cannot act upon the body; it can only do it as the medium of the soul. Luke 1: 46-47 explains the meaning of the words, stated above. Remember the soul is the site of our personality. Our will, intellect and emotions are all located in our soul. Our spirit is used to communicate with the spiritual world, and our body is used to communicate with the natural world. Now get this: Our soul stands between and causes its power to discern and decide whether the spiritual or the natural world should reign. Sometimes the soul can take control over man through intellect. That action creates an idea world which reigns. But in order for the spirit to be in control; the soul has to give its consent; otherwise our spirit is helpless to regulate the soul and the body. But the final decision is up to the soul, because our personality lives there.   All of our sins belong to the soul, or should I say the soul fathers our sins. But the soul has to submit itself to spirit in order for the spirit to rule. But if your soul acts against the spirit, then the spirit is powerless to rule us. That’s how we can have a free will. Yeshua created us to be able to choose how we use our will. We have full power to decide for ourselves how we would like rule over ourselves. So in other words we can choose to obey the words Yeshua placed in the Holy Bible to live by or we can choose to ignore them completely and create our own rules to live by.

But I hope you know, there is no in between, either we live according  to Yeshua’s  Bible  (Holy Guide) or Commandments or we will live by the unholy actions of satan. It’s just simple. No in between!

Yeshua desires for us to be complete in His will. Yeshua desires that the spirit control ‘our whole” being. But remember the most important part of us belongs to the soul. It is our will which determines if our spirit, our body will rule over us. That is why the Bible calls us “living souls”.

Do you know that you are Yeshua’s temple and that Yeshua’s Spirit dwells in us? Read I Corinthians 3:16  Yeshua also tells us in verse 17 that if anyone destroys Yeshua’s temple, Yeshua will destroy that person. Why?  Because the temple of Yeshua is Holy and YOU ARE THE TEMPLE!  Sin does destroy our temples.  All Yeshua asks is that you don’t destroy your temple. He loves us. Please stop sinning and ask for repentance of your sins.

This is the order spirit, soul and body

The spirit is the pre-eminent part of us, so Yeshua mentions it first.

The soul stands between the spirit and the body.

 The body is the lowest and the last.

The soul is the organ of our personalities; it houses the mind, power or ability to decide something for ourselves and our emotions.  

Our soul is the master over all our actions, and our bodies obeys its orders.

Before Adam fell to temptation, the soul was governed by the spirit. And that is how Yeshua would prefer it. First the spirit then the soul and lastly the body!

If we allow the wrong spirits to dwell in us, then we will commit sins; sins that even we will be ashamed to own up too. But, Yeshua made provisions so we won’t have to keep up the sin act. We can correct a sinful life if we give our lives over to Him and repent, or ask for forgiveness. Yeshua loves us so much, that even in our committing sins, He forgives us if we ask Him too.

So once we began to understand how the spirit, soul and body completely function, then we can know how to change our actions. These actions that we commit against Yeshua, can be forgiven. So now, since we know a little more, we can begin to honor Yeshua by changing our sin nature. It’s not that hard, but it is not easy.  We cannot do it in own strength. We must ask Yeshua to help us. Only through asking Him for sincere forgiveness will he move to help us. He can  deliver us from our sinful nature and actions. So the more we practice changing our sin nature, the more we began to become aware of our sin actions. Then we can begin to separate ourselves from sin and sinful influences.

But the most IMPORTANT thing for us to remember is to REPENT First!


By asking Yeshua to FORGIVE US!

And guess what! HE WILL!

If you would like to know about the Spirit, Soul and the Body try reading some of  Watchman Nee‘s work! He is really deep, and if you would like to know the truth. I suggest you read Nee’s writings. They will truly help you understand it!

Medium– means of effecting or conveying something: as(1) : a substance regarded as the means of transmission of a force or effect (2) : a surrounding or enveloping substance(3) : the tenuous material (as gas and dust) in space that exists outside large agglomerations of matter (as stars)

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