Sin Ain’t No Joke!

One day a man got a call, so as usual he dragged himself to the phone, not really wanting answer it, nor to be bothered. He said, hello, and his son laughed and said “Dad I love you”, and the dad said I love you too. But then he wondered to himself, what brought this on? He waited for his son to say something else, and he did, he went on to say, Dad I really admire you for being my daddy, and I love you with all my heart. Dad I am proud of you and everything you stand for, I even love you for all the things you represented to me, while growing up. The father kept on listening, then  the son went on to say, father I even love you for planting that seed, and the father said, “what seed” he said , the seed you rooted in me from a child. The father said, son all the seeds that I planted in you as a child, were already there. The son said,” no father”.  Then there was a pause on the line. The boys’ father said are you still there, he said yes. Then he said father the seed I’m talking about is the seed of sin. The father said, son we are all born to sin, and born in sin. The son said, “father I know that, but this sin was a gift, the father said what you mean. Then there was crying, as the son said, “father I watched you drink strong wine, and smoke drugs, and I saw that you became addicted. But nothing serious ever happen to you. The father said son, I suffered really bad, you just didn’t see it.  Then the son said, “father I never believed the words mother used to tell me, the father said what words?  The ‘Words” about the sins of the forefathers, and fathers.  Then the son said, “dad did you know that mother told me once, that you were passing me inheritance sins”?    The father said “not really”, but said that when Jesus came to earth those words was no longer true. The son said dad, the sins of our fathers can have a devastating effect on your children lives. So father your gift seed, did that for me. Dad I remember you told me how your father, did exactly the things you have done, and his father too. But I remember mother praying for me not to be like you, not to drink and do drugs, and I didn’t. So dad, I love you. See dad, mom said, “just because Jesus came down to earth, that did not mean that God forgot what he said, even if he did say it in the old testaments”. It still stands. So dad, today since mom is dead, and she is not here to look over my shoulders anymore, I decided to try it. Dad said, “try what”? I did what you did. Dad said what? The son said I used some drugs today and drank some serious wine. There was a silence on the phone…., then his dad said, son I am so sorry. The son said dad, I did it as a joke. Dad said why would you joke like that? He told his dad that you did that for years, for as long as I could remember, but when you repented, and got baptized to Jesus you stopped. I have been baptized, all my life, and know I would never seriously sin.  Then the son said, so today I decided to try it. I felt like only one time for me would be o.k. and it was until, I killed myself and my girlfriend and my three best friends. The father could not believe the words he was hearing.  He asked his son, where are you?  Dad the son said, ” I’m dead”.  A few moments after that, the phone went dead.  A few seconds later, someone called him to notify him that his son and four other persons had just died earlier.

  • Exodus 20:5  Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity to the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
  • Deuteronomy 30:19  I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.

Such as Sin

According to our experiences and scripture, we endure 8 types of failures or eight categories of sin:

  1. Spiritual Sins
  2. Sins of the Flesh
  3. Sins of the Mind
  4. Sins in the Body
  5. Sins in Disposition
  6. No Willingness to Obey God’s Word
  7. Failure to Render to God What He Requires
  8. Regarding Iniquity and Refusing to Repent of Sins That Should Be Confessed

The key terms are repent and be baptized.   What kind of  life do we live? According to Watchman Nee,” it is a life bound by law of sin. For to will or want to do what is right, is present with us, but to work out the good, or actually do it  is not”.  Our life is a life of failure, which is bound by sin. Sin is our dictator, but Jesus is our King? Which is greater, the dictator (satan) or a King (Jesus)?

Yes the dad had repented, but someone had to pay for the sins. “Sin does not go away, nor does it forgets. It waits quietly to pay off itself”. (j. gainous) Sin has to be justified, so that is why Jesus died on the cross. Someone had to bleed, so God sent Jesus to bleed for us on the cross.  Someone or something has to make it right or atone for sins.  Atonement (an offering) must be made to purify us for our sins. In Hebrews 9:22, “As Moses’ teachings tell us, blood was used to cleanse almost everything, because if no blood is shed, no sins can be forgiven”. (GOD’S WORD ® Translation) or   look at Hebrews 9:22, and almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission. In the Old Testament, in the book of Exodus 11, 12, for example, take the Passover, the blood on the doorpost of the Israelites houses, saved their firstborn sons and firstborn animals. The sin, that Pharaoh committed, against God, by holding the Israelites against the request of God, that they be released. Pharaohs’ sin was against God and God took it personally. So because of this great sin, against God, all the Egyptians had to lose their firstborn sons and animals. BUT, the blood of a year old-lamb or goat, without any imperfections or blemishes, had to be sacrificed, and his blood smeared on all the house doorpost of the Israelites.  This action caused the children to God, to be saved from the Lord’s wrath against Egypt, as He passed through to smite the Egyptians first born sons. Doesn’t that sound familiar? But look how it paralleled, with the Cross, the way they were instructed to apply the blood on their doorpost, actually symbolized the Cross, (striking the lintel and the two side posts) that hung the body of the lamb (Jesus) without imperfections or blemishes (which represents sin) had to be sacrificed (crucified), and his blood shed as he was tortured by the Roman soldiers on the way to the Cross. Same scerino, but different bodies, one a lamb or goat, but both were mammals, both warm-blooded, and both had to die, because of somebody’s sin.

Lintel: A horizontal structural element over an opening which carries the weight of the wall above it. Example: If you take your hand and extend one hand straight, up and out, and then once to the right and then to left, you just drew a symbolic cross.

Have you ever heard someone say, ” My life was going along pretty good until I accepted Jesus Christ“? ” Before all this trouble I could do almost anything”. “Nothing ever happened to me”.  “I only hear people talk about sin in church”.   But the life God has ordained for us is a life where no blood would have to be shed, but since we are human, and sin is a normal way of life, then there will always be blood shed of some type.

Reading your Bible daily would give you the steps for  repentant living!

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